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Interlock Baseball and Softball Ground Rules – Spring 2018

Rules that apply to all leagues

  • Unless otherwise noted Babe Ruth rules apply
  • Last recorded batter/out can run for the catcher with two outs in an inning, no other special base runners
  • Home team supplies game balls
  • Both teams must play the entire game through to completion.  Teams cannot leave a game early.
  • Bats: USA Baseball marking required for baseball. 15U may use either USA Bat or BBCOR .50. 

Softball bats must be marked “Official Softball Bat” or “Official Fastpitch Bat.”

Bat rules are listed at:

  • No jewelry, metal cleats (exception is 15U baseball AND 16U softball)
  • Helmet with ear flaps worn on field at all times while on offense
  • Mercy rule is 20 after 2, 15 after 3, 10 after 4
  • Warming up catchers – players must wear helmet.  Coaches must wear masks if your league is using Babe Ruth offering insurance.
  • Umpires will enforce quick warm ups to speed up play
  • 12U and older, 2 umpires are required. 10U and younger, 1 umpire is required.
  • During regular season, ALL games can end in tie.  The game end is based on time limit.
  • Intentional walks for baseball ONLY do not require pitches be thrown.  Coach instructs plate umpire. 
  • Intentional walks for softball, pitches must be thrown.