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1-What equipment will I need for 8U

  • All players will need a bat, glove, and helmet with chin strap and face mask.  Softball pants & socks will be required as well, but wait for manager’s decision on color.
  • Mouth piece or recommended face mask. All infield players will be required to wear a face mask for safety reasons.
  • Suggested for lower divisions to get used equipment from league or at a store like play it again sports as they grow out of equipment quickly
  • Each team will be issued catchers gear and or shared between teams as needed?

2-What equipment will be needed for 10U, 12U, 15U and 18U

  • All players will need a bat, glove, and helmet with chin strap and face mask.  Softball pants and socks will be required as well, but wait for manager’s decision on color.
  • Mouth piece or face mask-All in-field players will be required to wear a face mask for safety reason
  • Catchers gear will be provided by league for each team

3-How often do they practice/games and what are the times

  • Once teams are formed practices will start.  Practices are typically 2x per week and are 1 to 2 hour practices. Games will typically be 1 weekday game and/or 1 game on Saturday. Older divisions may have 2 games on Saturday. Games are typically 1 hour for 8U and 1.5 to 2 hours for older divisions.

4-What are the dates and registration times for Softball

  • Spring Season- registration will start in November and run through January. Practice will typically start in february with season running from March to May
  • All Star Season-All Stars are selected girls from each team that will participate in Districts, States and World Series. Season starts after Spring season and can run through July depending on how far the teams advance
  • Fall Season-Registration will start after Spring season-Season runs from September to November. 

5- How many games will teams play

  • Spring Season-Typically 10 to 20 games
  • Fall Season-Typically 8 to 15 games

6-What do registration fees pay for

  • Registration fees pay for uniforms, equipment, game balls, insurance, umpires when available, (Jr., Seasoned, and/or parent/board members can and may be used), league sanction and field and equipment expenses.

                                                                              *8U games use coaches as umpires throughout the season*

7-What uniforms are provided to the players during the season

  • Spring season-Jersey, Practice Jersey and socks- (Due to inconsistency in pant sizing, we have found it easier to have the player purchase pants)
  • Fall Season- Jersey
  • All Stars-Additional fees and registration for All Star Jersey

8- What division can I register my daughter to play in

  • You can only register your daughter in her league age division. Once registration is complete, upon approval of league board members, player may move up one age division only. Determining factors-Number of girls in that division, abilities

9-Can I request a specific coach or team because of ...?

  • Due to the number of participants/teams; we are not able to honor specific request, other than to accommodate siblings on the same team

10-What is Velocity Refund policy

  • There will be a $30.00 administrative refund fee for all refunds requested before registration ends. Any refund requested after the registration ends there will be a $50.00 administrative refund fee. No refunds are issued once team set up is completed. 

11- Late registrations

  • Late registrations will be placed on wait list-if there is a team with available space in your age group your daughter will be placed on team.
  • Late registrations after uniform order has been placed-There will be an additional $15 administrative fee as well as Uniform supplier additional charges for shipping, set up individual jersey order-fee will be charged at cost from supplier. 

12- Non-Payment

  • Failure to pay in full by Opening Day of the Season will result in a players ineligibility to participate in Velocity events. If payment is not received players will be replaced with the next player on the wait list of that age division.

13-Rec-Ball Tournaments

  • Our league may host or enter into Rec-ball tournaments throughout the seasons. Tournaments are a lot of fun and offer teams multiple games with different leagues.
  • Tournaments are optional, team participation is encouraged.
  • Typically, tournament entry fees range from $100 to $150 per team. Teams are responsible for tournament entry fees
  • Tournament entry fees pay for umpires, insurance, game and field supplies


Every effort is made to play games on the days and at the times as they are scheduled. Typically, games will not be called until mid-late afternoon as our fields dry very quickly. If you have not heard from a  Board Member or your team’s manager/coach, please assume the game is being played as scheduled. Many times a decision to cancel a game may be a “game time” decision. In all conditions, player safety is paramount.

The procedure for canceling games prior to game time in the event of inclement weather is as follows:

  • If possible, a league official, manger, coach or other qualified individual will visit the fields during the day to determine field conditions.

  • If an email from the league regarding field conditions has not been received,  the Board Member on duty for the location in question should get to the field earlier than normal and make a determination about playing conditions.

  • The Board Member on duty then gets in touch with an Executive Board member and together they make a determination.

  • The following will be considered when canceling games:

    • How much it has rained on the fields?

    • Is there any more rain expected and, if so, when?

    • Can we get the fields in playing condition by a game time?

    • How much help will we have in getting the fields ready?

  • If a game is cancelled, Velocity will attempt to mass email. An attempt to post on the Velocity Softball Facebook page will also be made if possible. If you have not received a cancellation email, your team should assume the game is being played and should arrive at the normally scheduled time or a forfeit will be awarded.

  • When a rainout occurs, every attempt to reschedule the game, sometimes this is not possiable.


All play is to be suspended immediately if lightning can be seen or thunder can be heard. All coaches and managers should download and have available the Weather Bug weather app. In the event Lightning is located within 8 miles within the previous 30 minutes all play must be suspended and players removed from the fields. Weather safety experts recommend waiting 30 minutes after a storm passes before resuming play. Lightning strikes occur in all directions around storms, even behind them. Do not rush to resume play even if skies begin to clear. Wait until thunder is no longer audible. Neither the suspension of play or the safety of our families is taken lightly; the safety of our children is paramount at all times.

Executive Board members evaluate the lightning to determine games, however, in the case of practices; the team manager or coach should use the app to make the decision to cancel practice.

An announcement to suspend games and clear the fields will come from the Board Member on duty. This announcement will supersede any umpire or coach decisions and will apply to all fields and games at the park.

When play is suspended, players, coaches and parents should move immediately to a car, if you cannot get to your car, then take shelter inside a building with four walls and a roof. No one should take shelter under the concession or playground canopy during a thunderstorm. These locations are not safe from a lightning strike.

The all-clear announcement will come from the Board Member on duty based on the above criteria and no games may resume until this announcement is made.